Duck Necks - Hard Chew
Duck Necks - Hard Chew

Duck Necks - Hard Chew

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  • Dehydrated Duck Necks

  • 3 pieces/ 6 pieces

  • No additives and preservatives 

  • Vitamin B promotes metabolism 
  • Great source of glucosamine and chondroitin supports joint health
  • Full of minerals (phosphorous, potassium, zinc, and selenium) supports bone and heart health
  • All natural chew that helps brush your dog's teeth 

  • Not intended for puppies
  • WARNING: This treat contains bones, we recommend pet parents to accompany pet while consuming this treat

Customer Reviews

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Krystal, Beefcake, and Ruby
Duck necks are a staple in our house!

My frenchies love, love, LOVE duck necks! They’re perfect for them because they’re healthy and last them awhile. This is one treat I always reorder as it’s a staple to have in their treat selection.

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Jenn & Stella | @stellainhawaii
Duck Necks 🦆

My pup really loves these duck necks! I got the 3 pack to try out and she gobbled them up.They’re harder chews but she’s used to it and still finishes these in no time. I love that these help brush her teeth while giving her something to chew on! I’d recommend starting with a light chew if you’ve never given your pup bones before (like frog legs or quail). These duck necks are great because it has no additives or preservatives. Make sure you watch your pup while they’re eating this incase any choking were to happen!

Michelle Dang
Duck necks

I love giving these duck necks to my dog, Milo, to chew on! It gives him something to do and at the same time, is great for brushing his teeth. I'm never worried about giving Chop Chop Chews to him because they're one ingredient and safe (no preservatives, no additives). Please support a local brand and try these out, you won't be disappointed!