Welcome to Chop Chop Chews

Welcome to my shop! 

My name is Amy, the owner of Chop Chop Chews, along with my paw-ner Teddy the Malshi, who is our professional treat taster. Teddy is my first dog and has helped me learn a lot about caring for animals. I am a very hands-on dog mom that tries to cook majority of his meals and treats. Over the past two-years, I've tested numerous dog treats that caters to Teddy's picky taste buds. During the pandemic, I had a lot of free time at home, and after testing so many different brands, I started to experiment with creating my own treats. Along with his pickiness, I wanted to provide him with the best natural ingredients and now I want to share my creation with you and your fur babies. I hope your fur babies enjoy the treats as much as I do making them.