Duck Heart
Duck Heart

Duck Heart

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  • Dehydrated Duck Hearts 

  • 70 grams/ 2.5 oz 

  • Duck Hearts are a great source of protein and amino acids (Taurine) 
  • Taurine supports cardiac function 
  • Highly nutritious, only feed 5-10% of your dog's diet 
  • No additives and preservatives 
  • Single ingredient 

  • We trim off all the fats lining around the hearts. Feel safe feeding your dogs our treats

Customer Reviews

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Jenn & Stella | @stellainhawaii
Duck Hearts

If you’ve tried and love the hearty bites (chicken hearts) then your pup will probably love these too! They’re the same size as the chicken hearts (a bit bigger than a quarter) and are another great crunchy treat for your pup! They’re a bit thick/dense so this is more of a one bite treat for your pups. I’ve been using this as a small add on to my pup’s kibble. Don’t give a lot at one time since these are highly nutritious. Overall, another great single ingredient treat from Chop Chop Chews!

Kris Kokame
Definitely a winner!

My pup goes crazy for these! Kea has tried chicken hearts before but this was her first time trying duck hearts and it was love at first bite. These are the perfect size to stuff into her enrichment toys and it keeps her busy for a while. I love that it's packed with nutrients as well! We've also taken a handful in our treat pouch when we take Kea hiking and they're excellent high-value snacks that keep her charged up while we're out in the mountains. Definitely love these ones!

Crunchy and nutritious treat!

My dog loves the chicken hearts and now he loves the duck hearts too! They are his healthy after dinner treat. The hearts are super crunchy and he looks forward to his special dessert everyday!