Chicharonnes - Crunchy Treats
Chicharonnes - Crunchy Treats

Chicharonnes - Crunchy Treats

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  • Air-Fried Pork Skin 

  • 60 grams/ 2.1 oz

  • All Chicharonnes are made to order 
  • No additives and preservatives 

  • Single ingredient 
  • Pork skin provides a rich source of collagen to improve itchy skin, softer and shinier coat, and nail health

  • All natural flavor crunchy chew that is out of the ordinary  

  • Pork skins are fully cooked and dehydrated to reduce fat content 

Customer Reviews

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This is truly a special treat!!
Our lil doxie loves the crunch and flavors

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Jenn & Stella | @stellainhawaii
Super crunchy treat!

This treat is super light and crunchy! When you break them in half, they remind me of those air popped rice cakes (for humans). When my pup bites into it, it’s super satisfying with asmr sounds. I’ve also used one chicharonnes to block the hole for my Toppl before. This treat does leave crumbs so I’d recommend eating it outside as a whole. I would not use these for training treats.

I rated this four stars only because I personally don’t like treats that are messy and leaves crumbs everywhere. It’s totally not the treats fault, I knew it when I bought it. This is just personal preference. So just keep that in mind if you’re like me and don’t like getting treat crumbs everywhere.


My dog LOVES these