Frog Legs - Light Chew
Frog Legs - Light Chew
Frog Legs - Light Chew
Frog Legs - Light Chew
Frog Legs - Light Chew

Frog Legs - Light Chew

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  • Dehydrated Frog Legs 

  • 6 Pieces / 12 Pieces

  • No additives and preservatives 

  • Great source of muscle protein

  • Omega-3 fatty acid supports brain, heart, skin, and coat health

  • Potassium is essential for electrolyte functions 

  • Vitamin A supports skin, muscle, and coat health 

  • If you have never gave bones to your dog, frog leg is a great choice to start. They have smaller and crispier bones compared to other animal chews
  • WARNING: This treat contains bones, we recommend pet parents to accompany pet while consuming this treat

Customer Reviews

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The Pawfect Light Chew For Small Doggos

If you’re looking for a cronchy chew that is smol dog-friendly, this is it! Sierra has some difficultly with some chews because she has a smaller jaw and teeth. However, this light chew is the pawfect size for Sierra - the smaller bones make this an easy eat where it’s not too tough for her to munch on. The frog legs also have just enough meat to be a hearty treat that does not spoil appetites pre-meal or make Sierra feel too full post-meal. The crispy / cronchy texture was a hit with Sierra, and we’ll likely add this chew into the dental hygiene rotation.

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Jenn & Stella
Great light chew! 🐸

This was my first time trying frog legs and my pup loved it! I wasn’t sure if she would be able to chew it on her own but she ate it like a champ and she was asking me for more! They’re pretty hard so it’s really hard to break them into smaller pieces so I give it to her as a whole. Since it does have bones, make sure you’re watching your pup eat the treat incase they start choking.

Kaitlin Quintal
Great treat!!

My dog, Cleo, loved this one! She was super duper motivated when I brought it out. My dog also has a sensitive stomach and skin so I was kinda worried but she never reacted negatively to the treats!

Miso Katsu
My Favorite Chew

My little pomchi can be picky on what treats he eats.When he first tried this light crunchy chew, he was instantly in love. He devoured it in minutes. This is a great source of protein after a long walk. 😁


my furbabies absolutely love these! i have a senior dog so it’s really easy for his teeth :) always the best quality n best service!