Duck Wings - Medium Chew
Duck Wings - Medium Chew

Duck Wings - Medium Chew

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  • Dehydrated Duck Wings

  • 4 pieces/ 8 pieces

  • No additives and preservatives 

  • Great source of glucosamine and chondroitin supports joint health

  • Amino acids supports muscle growth
  • All natural chew that helps brush your dog's teeth 

  • Not intended for puppies 
  • WARNING: This treat contains bones, we recommend pet parents to accompany pet while consuming this treat

Customer Reviews

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Humphrey & Bentley
Want a natural teeth cleaning while enjoying a delicious treat?

Just like humans, doggies need their teeth brushed and cleaned too. So, these delicious duck wings from Chop Chop Chews will help your good boy(s) or good girl(s) with achieving those clean chompers!
The bonus is the ASMR crunch that comes with chewing these duck wings. My boys Humphrey and Bentley love them! Don’t skip out on these yummy, single-ingredient treats for your fur babies next time you stock up.

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Jenn & Stella | @stellainhawaii
Wing Wing! Who’s There?

These duck wings are great as a medium chew! My pup is a heavy chewer so these take her less than five minutes to finish but she still tries to ask me for more after she’s done with her chew. I like that there’s an option to buy four or eight pieces of duck wings and I also love that there’s no additives or preservatives, just the duck wing. As with all the other bones, make sure you’re supervising your dog when they’re eating it incase they choke!

Kesha Teranishi
Love these!

We were hesitant at first because we were worried our dog wouldn't be able to eat them because he is a smaller dog but he ate them without any problems. He loves duck already and ate the whole wing in under 5 mins 😅
We love feeding him single ingredient snacks. If you haven't already tried these. THIS IS YOUR SIGN.
Please remember tomonitor while snacking in case any choking happens.


My dog Pepper loves it!